What is Social Gastronomy ?
Social Gastronomy connects people through food.
It’s the concept of using the power of food as a mean to connect people and generate social change.
The term “food” encompasses the ingredient itself, farming - from soil to grain - as well as gastronomy and culture.

What is the Social Gastronomy Movement ?
The Social Gastronomy Movement is a human-centered movement powered by the Social Gastronomy concept and community.
Gastronomy is one of the most effective and inclusive tools we have in the fight against inequality, hunger, the double burden of malnutrition, unsustainable food systems, and unemployment.

What is a Hub ?
A Hub is an organization creating a welcoming environment that brings like-minded humans together.
The Hubs are based on the local needs of the community and are an entry door for people to join the Movement.
It has the responsibility to activate and mobilize towards greater impact.

What is an SGM Reporter ?
An SGM Reporter is an individual who participates in creating a more equitable and inclusive world by prospecting new Social Gastronomy initiatives.
By visiting and documenting a Social Gastronomy project, the SGM Reporter contributes in the building of a network connecting people sharing the same values and working towards the same objective.

Gastromotiva, the backbone of the SGM…

In order to ensure that things stay centered, organized, and manageable, it was agreed during 2018 that Gastromotiva will be the backbone of the Movement, assuming its administration, as a short-term operational and organizational strategy.

Gastromotiva also serves as the SGM Hub in Rio, where it hosted this year’s November SGM Summit at the Refettorio Gastromotiva. Founded in 2006 by chef and social entrepreneur David Hertz, Gastromotiva has been transforming lives in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and El Salvador for over a decade. Working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it uses the transformative power of food to connect people, projects, companies, universities, international agencies, governments and civil society to tackle hunger, waste, lack of opportunities, obesity, and malnutrition.

Why should we join forces around Social Gastronomy?

  • To learn from each other

  • To contribute to others work and impact

  • To build visibility of our individual and collective work

  • To innovate and inspire each other

  • To belong to something bigger with a capacity to influence & impact

Key Players of the Movement

The Movement is powered by the following players within our engagement structure:

SG Project - A person or  initiative working with food as a tool for social change anywhere along the food cycle—from sowing and growing crops to preparing meals to managing food waste

Catalyst - An individual or SG project leader seeking to give back to the local community further by making connections and facilitating collaboration and partnerships between local SG projects—as well as integrating other key stakeholders such as government officials, nonprofits, financial sponsors, and other potential supporters and beneficiaries of SG projects —in order to co-create an equitable, inclusive, and healthy planet for all

Hubs - A partnership of two or more Catalysts committed to working together across their local community or communities.

Supporter - An individual, company, government official, or organization that wants to participate in the Movement by contributing expertise, resources, or connections.

How can you join the Movement ?

If you are an organization :

  • Please share some information about the organization you represent and your specific role at [email protected]

  • Feel free to contact the nearest Hub.
    You can check them out here.

  • If you want to register a project, please fill out our form. We are mapping social gastronomy projects around the world and we would like to add your initiative to our database. Let us know if that is of your interest!

  • If you have a presentation, photos or videos, please do share it with us at [email protected]

  • You can support us financially. By becoming a sponsor, you and your business can commit to implementing Social Gastronomy principles in your office while also participating in forums and special events. 

If you are an individual :

  • If you want to know more about being a Social Gastronomy Reporter, click here.

  • If you want to sign up for our Newsletter, click here.

  • Feel free to contact the nearest Hub.
    You can check them out here.