To become a SG reporter, we will kindly ask you to follow a few steps:

1) Click on the link and complete the form here.

2) Read the SGM introduction file here.

3) Congrats!

Being a Social Gastronomy (SG) Reporter is your chance to make real impact! Discovering new projects increases the reach of the Movement which, in turn, promotes social change and advocates for a more socially responsible gastronomy. You can choose what you report, whether it's a simple walk-through or an in-depth interview. Report what you see and think is relevant, as you help us spread the message about Social Gastronomy through our social media outlets. The pictures, videos and captions will be posted on our Instagram page, with due credit, to sustain momentum and help the Movement become globally recognized and socially transformative. Join us in our journey of making Social Gastronomy the norm!