Components of the Movement


The Movement aimes to connect multiple stakeholder creates a safe, open space for a number of stakeholders, supporting different projects and hosting concrete components.

The spirit: an open space, co-creation, celebration, action and connection.

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A platform that connects stakeholders from around the world, measuring their impact, and sharing their content. This platform will be the technological support of the Movement. Stay tuned for exciting news!

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rick-and-Morty: The ´´Social Gastronomy Hubs´´ are interconnected physical spaces around the world, which make the Movement tangible. A local social entrepreneur powers each Hub. A set of specific criteria are being defined for the Hubs. The Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro is the first Social Gastronomy Hub. Have a look at the hub timeline here.

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Working group (WG)

A WG is a team lead by an elected unit leader that will work on specific objectives of the Movement. The SGM is about co-creation, each stakeholder has a role to play in order to achieve real change and bring transformation on a systemic level.

Existing WG objectives are:

Co-leadership, Social Gastronomy lexicon, creative storytelling, vocational training, sustainable Olympic games, contributing to sustainable development goals, online platform, resources, and communication/content for community management.

The SGM team selects people very specifically to join a working group according to skill set and time dedication.




Gastromotiva has committed to organize 3 international events for the SGM annually. In addition, the SGM team will participate in events organized by the network.