Social Gastronomy Guidelines

The movement asks members and supporters to adhere to some or all of the following guidelines and provides the
tools necessary to increase impact over time.

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Education + Dignity

Promote knowledge and generate dialogue between different social realities, using food as a tool to connect

Promote cultural integration and diversity by encouraging individuals to practice their own “gastronomical” tradition


Education + Opportunity

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Train food entrepreneurs across socio-economic environments to help their businesses grow in a sustainable way

Train and connect vulnerable individuals to opportunities in the gastronomy market, empowering them to grow professionally


Education + Nutrition

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Contribute in the fight against malnutrition and obesity by actively helping to increase access to food education

Help ensure that every human being, especially those living in exclusion, has access to a balanced diet


Education + Food Waste Reduction

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Fight hunger by reducing food waste along the value chain

Value each and every ingredient by always using it in an integral way in every meal