Social Gastronomy Guidelines

The movement asks members to adhere to the following guidelines, and provides the tools necessary to increase impact over time.

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Education + Dignity

Promote knowledge and generate dialogue between different social realities, using food as a tool to connect

Promote cultural integration and diversity by encouraging individuals to practice their own “gastronomical” tradition


Education + Opportunity

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Educate marginalized individuals in both culinary skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

This interdisciplinairy approach provides students with the ability to succed in entering the job market and growing a sustainable business.


Education + Nutrition

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Reducing the double burden of malnutrition by providing nutrition education and ensuring access to a balance diet for those in need.


Education + Food Waste Reduction

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Fight hunger by reducing food waste during the production process.

Revaluing waste’s nutritional value by ensuring the ingredients’ full potential is achieved.