What if change started with food?

The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) is a human-centred movement that addresses global societal issues such as inequality, hunger, the double burden of malnutrition, unsustainable food systems, and unemployment.

This global initiative aims to aggregate, internalize, and disseminate Social Gastronomy (SG) best practices by connecting different, relevant stakeholders creating a strong and connected community. Gastronomy can be one of the most effective and inclusive tools in the fight against hunger and poverty; and while projects led by different chefs and entrepreneurs are emerging around the world, the full potential of this Movement has not been achieved yet. Therefore, creating connections and pathways to share information will help to broaden and strengthen the network.






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Education and Dignity

  •  Promote awareness and generate dialogues between different social realities, using food as a connecting tool.

  • Promote cultural integration and diversity by encouraging people to put into practice their own gastronomic traditions.

Education and Opportunity

  • Train entrepreneurs living in socio-economic vulnerability so that their business grows in a sustainable way.

  • Train and connect people in socioeconomic vulnerability to opportunities in the gastronomic market, enabling professional growth.

Education and Nutrition

  •  Contribute to the fight against malnutrition and obesity, actively collaborating with the qualification of access to food education.

  • Help ensure that every human being, especially those on the margins, has access to a balanced diet.

Education and Combating Food Waste

  •  Combat hunger by reducing food waste along the entire production chain.

  • To value each and every ingredient, always using it in its entirety.

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