November Learning Journey

 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

November Learning Journey 4-11 November 2018


The November meeting aims to gather the core team, the thinking partners and sponsors. The
agenda includes a learning journey, development sessions on the strategy of the Social
Gastronomy Movement (SGM) and various local events around innovation and gastronomy.


The journey will consist of three events.

Refettorio Gastromotiva    4th-7th of November

The meetings at the Refettorio Gastromotiva (RGM) aim to set the base for the SGM and to plan the year ahead together with the core team and thinking partners. During the meetings at the RGM we will bring to the same table the core team (doers) and thinking partners (thinkers). The aim of the working sessions is to structure what hasn't been structured yet with the main objective to make the SGM sustainable. Being a Movement, the SGM needs to keep a certain flexibility and co-leadership, however, its drivers and leaders need to bring direction and set basic rules. A local facilitator helps us to build the flow of those meetings.

Activities will include:

• Learning journey including visits of favelas and social projects etc.

• RGM experience, serving the beneficiary dinner, learning about Gastromo\va

Colaboramerica      8th- 9th of November

Colabroamerica expects 15 000 guests and they are inviting around a 100 speakers (40% international). The invitees come from different social backgrounds (value: socially inclusive). The event takes place in the neighborhood of Lapa (5 min walking from the Refettorio). The activities of the event start in the afternoon and go until later in the evening. SGM will participate 8th and 9th of November.

The main objectives will be:

• Learn about new economies and businesses which want to leave an impact

• Get connected to creative and inclusive individuals and companies

• Position the SGM as an innovative initiatives

Mesa Tendência    10-11th of November

Mesa Tendência is an annual food festival in São Paulo about the future of gastronomy in Brazil. The festival takes place in the South American memorial building and units top chefs from Brazil and abroad to discuss gastronomy trends affecting this country. 

Some of the activities will be:

• A Gastromotiva Shack during the 3 days of the festival, with vegetables from the first urban farm in a favela, some entrepreneurs from Gastromotiva showcasing their products, etc.

• Round table discussions around the future of Social Gastronomy




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