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The Story ...

... Since 2012 David and his team at Gastromotiva have been visiting and being inspired by Social Gastronomy projects around the world. We saw the necessity and opportunity to connect projects and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices around the Globe. This year, with the success of Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro and the momentum around Social Gastronomy around the world, David Hertz and other co-founders are launching the Social Gastronomy Movement. It’s a global initiative to spread and replicate the best Social Gastronomy practices by connecting different stakeholders.

It's a human centered Movement that uses the power of food and gastronomy to address social inequality, improve nutrition education, eliminate food waste and create local jobs.

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Goals of the Movement

  • Connecting different players and aligning them with common goals
  • Inspiring households to change habits and behaviors
  • Empowering companies to be more social and sustainable through Social Gastronomy
  • Supporting Social Gastronomy initiatives around the world
  • Changing consumer behavior, using Social Gastronomy as part of a purchasing decision
  • Sharing best practices



Changing the System

The main objective of the SGM is for Social Gastronomy to become a norm in the food and beverage industry. The Movement will seek to drive policy changes to further enable Social Gastronomy.