The Story

Since David Hertz started Gastromotiva in 2006 he felt the necessity to create an open and multi-dimensional space for co-creation of human-centred solutions related to crucial topics on food and gastronomy. In the last years, this sensation has grown stronger and different opportunities have presented themselves. One of them was the Ashoka Globalizer Acceleration Program in which David had the opportunity to meet partners coming from different backgrounds. They started to work together in order to co-create the Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM).

In January 2018, in collaboration with Cargill, Gastromotiva announced the Social Gastronomy Movement during a special breakfast session at the World Food Program tent during the World Economic Forum in Davos on the 24th of January.

SGM is a human-centred Movement which uses the power of food and gastronomy to address social inequality, improve nutrition education, eliminate food waste and create local jobs.

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Goals of the Movement

  • Connecting different players and aligning them with common goals

  • Inspiring households to change habits and behaviors

  • Empowering companies to be more social and sustainable through Social Gastronomy

  • Supporting Social Gastronomy initiatives around the world

  • Changing consumer behavior, using Social Gastronomy as part of a purchasing decision

  • Sharing best practices