Possibility-focused master facilitator, convener and educator with 20+ years’ experience designing and facilitating collaborative strategic meetings and multi-stakeholder dialogues for corporations, government, non-profits and communities. As Principal of CE Holmes Consulting, Inc. he helps organizations committed to “doing well by doing good” develop cultures where transparency, integrity and collaboration are the way business is done. He works responsively and is known for asking powerful questions that invite deep reflection, generate compelling visions, and reveal new possibilities. Charles is passionate about creating opportunities for people to connect across differences and boundaries in order to discover and realize the potential and possibilities that live within all of us. On his days off, he can found training his backyard grapevine, cooking up veggies on the grill or engrossed in a woodwork project.



Born in Luxembourg, Charlotte is the coordinator of the Social Gastronomy Movement. After graduating from the Ecole Hôtelière in Lausanne, she worked and traveled around the world. Passionate about food and Latin American cuisine, she joined Gastromotiva beginning of 2017 and co-created the SGM since the very beginning. Charlotte loves sports, hiking the Mountains around Rio de Janeiro, climbing and biking to work.



Brazilian-born chef and social entrepreneur, David founded Gastromotiva, the first socio-gastronomic business in Brazil that promotes social inclusion and changes the lives of low-income people through the transformative power of food. Since the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, He also runs a state of the art Food Waste Restaurant and cooking school: Refettorio Gastromotiva. On top of that, David promotes the Social Gastronomy Movement through his travels and the TED talks he takes part in.



Nicola is an optimistic change-maker and social entrepreneur with vast experience in the international development and social entrepreneurship field. Having always worked in fast-paced and demanding environments around the world, from the World Economic Forum or TIME Magazine to community-based initiatives, Nicola, also referred to as Nicky, has finally arrived in Brazil. She is currently the CEO of Gastromotiva and oversees the Social Gastronomy Movement. Being a true global gipsy with polish roots, her passion is not only exploring new cultures, but finding the crossroad of grass route activism and policymaking, especially in fields of food, agriculture and education, technology and innovation.  She is an active kitesurfer, climber and professional 'eater'.



Chef, farmer and social worker, Patrick is the co-creator and co-founder of many companies and initiatives around organic regenerative farming, sustainable gastronomy, food networks and social inclusion. He followed his intention to cook while being human and nature centered and is an authentic activist to change the industrial food system. Patrick is also an expert in dual vocational education, hotelellery and gastronomy, and co-creating collective impact.



Rafa is a citizen of the world born in Madrid and living in Santiago de Chile. He has been linked to gastronomy since his childhood and is a faithful defender of gastronomy as an agent for social change. Today, he is the owner and commercial director of an importer and distributor of natural foods called “Foodies Chile”; A partner and general director of the Ñam festival, one of the most relevant platforms in Latin America; The founder and partner of Social Cycle, a B Corp focused on social gastronomy business; An advisor to the Ministry of Culture; A columnist in the magazine Chef & hotel and a professor at the Sommelier School in Chile. Rafa is currently  building the Social Gastronomy Hub in Chile, “La Recoleta.”



Saman is the Managing Director & Head of Enterprise Solutions at FiscalNote, an Issues Management technology platform helping organizations manage the issues that impact the environment they operate in. He has a diverse background spanning the policy, legal, and tech industries and has a vibrant passion for solving some of the world's most underserved issues with the power of food.




MARIANA ABDALLA, Communications Coordinator

A Brazilian native, Mariana Abdalla has an international background and grew up as a "Third-Culture-Kid” in China and Colombia. As a Rotary Peace Fellow, she completed her Master’s degree in Strategic and Visual Communications at the University of North Carolina in the U.S. She has 10 years of experience working with nonprofit organisations around the world, such as DNDi in Latin America, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Somaliland and Kenya, and Innovate Public Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, U.S.

She is passionate about design thinking, empathy, storytelling and strategic communications. Mariana also produced, shot and edited several short documentary films, including the award-winning short, Finn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the film!


RENAN “UGA” FRANÇA, Community Coordinator

Renan França, also known as "Uga," graduated in Communications and Public Relations from UNESP/SP. Still in college, he founded the AGR Group, an extension project on campus, and has won the National Intercom Communication Conference for the Third Sector category. He has previously worked for Reb Bull, several sports related projects around Brazil and Goma, a co-working space and collaborative ecosystem of social entrepreneurs.




Glicia is the SGM's resident intern. She's part of most of SGM's bureaucratic work, but focuses on creating and translating content. She studies Social Sciences at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and is passionate about Social Anthropology. She’ll eat anything vegan and loves octopuses just because they’re sort of a brainy slime.



Born in Toulouse, France, Louise is the new intern for the Social Gastronomy Movement. She is completing a Master Degree in entertainment and media at the Kedge Business School, Marseilles. She brings her knowledge and experience to help the events department. She has always been into tennis and is a great fan of Nadal and Federer.



Currently studying hospitality at Ecole hôtelière of Lausanne in Switzerland, Marc is an international intern. His role is to support the SGM and works closely with Charlotte on the Tokyo Project. Passionate about food, he has started a cooking concept back home and wishes to develop it further after his stay in Rio de Janeiro. You will rarely see him without a smile.