Social Gastronomy Gathering

Miami, April 2018


More than 70 individuals with a heart and passion for Social Gastronomy were gathered in Miami for a co-creation conference. The event started with a Learning Journey at the Harpke Farm, the group had the opportunity to harvest organic and local vegetables. The produce was used to cook and serve a three course meal for 240 homeless people at Camillus House.

The next two days were facilitated by Charles Holmes and featured brainstorming and collaborative initiative to establish foundation for the Social Gastronomy Movement. This cooperation resulted in the creation of 9 working groups, a unified vision and most importantly the conception of the Hubs project.

The working groups were founded to further develop the great ideas that have been introduced during the Miami Meeting and to contribute to the evolution of the SGM.

The launch of the Hubs project will be announced in Davos in January 2019 and will mark the opening of the first Hub; the Refettorio Gastromotiva in Rio de Janeiro.

We would like to thank you our sponsors and partners who made this event possible:

Main sponsors: Cargill, Mastercard and Gastromotiva.
Food sponsors: Marriott Hotels, Fiscal Note, Obra Kitchen Table, Tacology
Beverage sponsors: Moët Hennessy
Partners: Gluttonomy, Aqua Panna, Zak the Baker, Eurostar Hotels, Roam, Camillus House, Harpke Family Farm, Lab Miami