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The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) is a human centered Movement. SGM uses the power of food and gastronomy to address social inequality, fight hunger, improve nutrition education, create a sustainable food system and local jobs. It is a global initiative aiming at spreading and replicate the best Social Gastronomy practices by connecting different stakeholders. Gastronomy is one of the most effective and inclusive tools we have in the fight against hunger and poverty. While projects are emerging lead by different chefs and non-profits from around the world, the full potential has not been achieved yet. Therefore, creating connections could broaden and strengthen the network.

If you attend an event or want to spread the love, please use the hastage #SGM or #SocialGastronomyMovement on all social media platforms!




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Miami Meeting, the second step

What happened?

70+ individuals with a heart and passion for Social Gastronomy were gathered together in Miami for a second-step co-creation conference. It all started with a Learning Journey on Friday when the group had the opportunity to experience harvesting organic and locally grown vegetables from Harpke Farm and to cook and serve 240 homeless people hosted by Camillus House. After that, two immersive days, facilitated by Charles Holmes prepared the base for the SGM that resulted on the creation of 9 working groups on the following themes: coleadership, Social Gastronomy lexicon, creative storytelling, vocational training, sustainable Olympic Games, Sustainable Development Goals, online platform, resources, communication and content for community management. These learning groups were co-created to help keep up the great ideas that have started forming.

What steps can I take to contribute?
Join one of the working groups (topics mentioned above) - for that email us at SGM@gastromotiva.org! In the near future, there will be many ways to get involved in the Movement through events, sponsorship and donation. If you want to let a Social Gastronomy lover, that was not present in Miami, know what happened on the weekend, please find attached below a 1 page summary of the meeting! To be kept in the loop about all exciting opportunities, please visit any one of our social platforms:

Instagram: @social_gastronomy
Twitter: @sgmovement_


A big THANK YOU to all our partners that were present and a crucial part of the change!

Main sponsors: Cargill, Mastercard and Gastromotiva.
Food Sponsors: Marriott Hotels, Fiscal Note, Obra Kitchen Table, Tacology
Beverage Sponsors: Moët Hennessy
Supporters: Gluttonomy, Aqua Panna, Zak the Baker, Eurostar Hotels, Roam, Camillus House, Harpke Family Farm, Lab Miami