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Videos on Miami

Clip of the Miami gathering

David Ted talk

David Hertz talks about Social Gastronomy at Ted


Gastromotiva as the back bone of the SGM

Refettorio GM

A clip on the first Social Gastronomy hub


Clip on the food nutrition project of Gastromotiva 


World Economic forum Report of 2018

Miami participants

Biographies of the Miami gathering participants

National Geographic Food for Change

Article about the Social Gastronomy Movement

Refettorio Gastromotiva NY times

Article talking about the first Social Gastronomy hub in the New York times


Article about the Miami gathering



Green: 216 red / 223 yellow / 32 blue

Blue: 25 red / 168 yellow / 150 blue

Yellow: 241 red / 225 yellow / 31 blue



Title: Loved by the King

Normal: Montserrat