Platos Sin Fronteras fights inequality, malnutrition and food waste in Medellin

Colombia wastes about 9.76 million tonnes of food on an annual basis. Adult obesity prevalence has increased and its burden is shifting towards the poor and urban populations. Platos sin Fronteras, a Colombian organization located in Medellin, is approaching these challenges by using social gastronomy practices in vulnerable Colombian communities to address malnutrition, food waste, and social inequalities. The team designed an effective curriculum that initiates a circulatory knowledge system around nutrition and food working with the largest local food bank SACIAR – implementing workshops that empower women through dialogue and cooking certifications. 

Community members become certified independent beneficiaries and are empowered to act as social-changers alongside chefs to gain work experience in the gastronomic sector. This month 18 women got certified in basic cooking skills by an important partner of the program – the public technical school SENA and will now enter into a Mentoring Program with a Chef Association called Mula – Cocineros Tercos. The objective of the mentoring programme is to inspire the women to become entrepreneurs or look for job opportunities in the gastronomic sector.