Cozinha Tapajós,
The Amazon Gastronomic Festival

The gastronomy of the state of Pará is one of the most authentic and exotic in Brazil, with a great variety of fish, typical ingredients of the Amazon region and influences of Portuguese, African and Indigenous cultures. This combination results in unique flavours that can be experienced in the gastronomic event of the Cozinha Tapajós (Tapajós Kitchen). The third edition of the festival will take place in Santarém from 5-8th of June and the Social Gastronomy Movement will be present.

The Tapajós Gastronomic Festival promotes the cuisine of Santarém and is even more important for the small local producers who grow the ingredients, after all, the event is an opportunity to see their products valued and recognized in the gastronomic scenario, boosting the entire production chain. It is the largest gastronomic event in the Amazon region of Pará and lies within the Amazon rainforest, on the banks of the Tapajós River.

The festival boasts the economy of the region, as it attracts tourists from different places, interested to taste this delicious cuisine. Finally, the event is the ideal occasion to reveal the new names of Pará gastronomy, chefs who value the flavours, colours and aromas of local ingredients, creating unique, harmonic and striking dishes.

The Tapajós Kitchen is led by chef Saulo Jennings, who through the Casa do Saulo Restaurant, uses gastronomy as a reconnection tool with local indigenous cultures. He is a direct partner of our Hub in the region – Saúde e Alegria. Representatives of the SGM team will travel to participate in the event and get to know the gastronomic work with the local communities.