Malmö and Zürich Hubs get together to address Urban Farming

The first co-creation event between the SGM Hubs in Sweden and Switzerland took place on May 6. The SGM up and coming Swiss Hub in Zurich organized a workshop on urban farming which counted with the participation of Lena Friblick from Botildenborg, the backbone organization leading the efforts behind the future Nordic Hub in Malmo.

Botildenborg shared some best practices and made a presentation explaining how Sweden got 65 new farming companies in two years. The workshop took place on the site of the upcoming Hub in Zurich, a container structure, which is being built in the newly developed FOGO district near Zürich Altstetten railway station. This space will become the SGM local physical space for refugees, startups, and other social gastronomy related projects where people can cook, eat, work together, and exchange experiences.

The Swiss Hub will be officially launched in June and is the result of joint collaboration between: Cuisine sans Frontiers (the Swiss NGO that builds gastronomic meeting places and training facilities in areas of social conflict), Andi Handke, (chef and co-owner of the Babette restaurant in Zurich), and Patrick Honauer (co creator of the SGM and long-time social entrepreneur).