LIFE Project Incubators in Turkey

Dr. Johanna Mendelson Forman, adjunct professor at the American University in Washington D.C., USA, was part of a crew that visited two food incubators in Turkey – one in Istanbul and the other in Mersin – training Syrian refugees in food entrepreneurship.

The initiatives are part of the LIFE project, a program that “supports and encourages entrepreneurship, job creation and cross-cultural engagement in the food sector. Through the incubation program, Members of the LIFE Food Enterprise Center (FEC) build food businesses and create sustainable livelihoods in Turkey. The program supports refugees and host communities.”

“The power of food as a tool for social impact is evident in the work that the LIFE Project is doing in Turkey.  It's Social Gastronomy in Action!” said Johanna. 

She was accompanied by Noobtsaa Philip Vang, Founder and CEO of FOODHINI, a food delivery service powered by “multicultural meals crafted by emerging immigrant and refugee chefs” in the U.S. East coast.