Cozinha Tapajós,
the Amazonian Gastronomic Festival

From June 5-8, 2019, the event Cozinha Tapajós was held in Alter do Chão, in the Amazonian region of the state of Pará, Brazil. With community workshops and gastronomy classes open to the public, the festival was a mystical experience where the fusion of the local gastronomic culture with other regions of Brazil was highlighted. 

"We want to show the importance there is to Chefs from other regions in contributing, as well as disseminating our local gastronomy," said Saulo Jenning, a leading local chef and member of the SGM in the region.

The SGM Hub, Saúde e Alegria, was present and active, together with local renowned chefs such as Flávio Xapuri, Ivo Faria, Rodolfo Mayer, Paulo Loller and Dahoui, and researchers looking to showcase and explore scientifically recognized regional products. 

Nicola Gryczka and Rafael Ríncon, SGM Core Team leaders, attended the event and represented the Social Gastronomy Movement!

Photos published by Agência Santarém