The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Launched a Food Initiative

Over the next three years, they will bring together key actors to stimulate a global shift towards a regenerative food system based on the principles of a circular economy.

The initiative will engage 20+ cities on a journey to a circular economy for food with London, New York, and São Paulo as Flagship Cities. The Participant Cities - Almere, Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sevilla, Toronto, and Torres Vedras (with more to be announced) will further accelerate implementation efforts. Municipalities, local and global businesses, and resource managers will work together in new ways to drive real systemic change.

The Foundation aims for the initiative to "activate unprecedented collaboration to mobilise the vision laid out in the Cities and Circular Economy for Food report. Food brands, producers, retailers, governments, innovators, waste managers, and other food players are all working towards three main ambitions based on circular economy thinking.”

For more, visit the initiative's page and watch the explainer video below.