Santiago de chile summit




A group of committed pilot HUBs and active members of our network convened in Santiago de Chile on April 1-4 to be part of a strategic planning meeting for the Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM). The main purpose of the gathering was to establish common guidelines and principles to make the HUBs concept a reality around the globe in 2019.

The meeting also allowed Gastromotiva to reconfirm its commitment as the current backbone organisation of the SGM, providing support and guidance. Gastromotiva introduced the new SGM team. They will be in service of the whole community in order to continue driving our collective impact forward.

The HUBs were envisioned as interconnected physical spaces that make the Movement tangible. They are a manifestation of the guiding values and vision of the Social Gastronomy Movement to promote, develop and build local social gastronomy communities. They will serve as entry doors for people to join the Movement and based on the local needs they co-create collective impact.

Participants included both active members of the global network that could become future catalysts for the Movement in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, as well as representatives of 11 organizations that are supporting the HUBs creation locally: Friends International, (Phnom Penh, Cambodia); Uber Den Tellerrand (Berlin, Germany);Botildenborg (Malmo, Sweden); Cuisine Sans Frontières (Zurich, Switzerland); The Clink Charity (London, UK); Insurgo Project (New York, USA); Recipes for Change (Miami, USA); Appetite for Change (Minneapolis, USA); La Recoleta (Santiago, Chile); Saúde e Alegria (Amazonia, Brazil); and Gastromotiva (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).  

The event took place in a beautiful setting at IF Blanco, a multifunctional and collaborative space supported by the Fundación Mustakis in the Recoleta neighborhood. This site will also become the future home for the HUB in Chile.

The group was able to reconnect since the last Rio Summit in November 2018 and take part in lively discussions to shape the future of the HUBs and a potential catalyst program. In parallel to the Summit, guests were also able to participate and get inspired by the 9th edition of the Ñam Festival, one of the biggest food festivals in Chile founded by Rafael Rincón, an active member of the Social Gastronomy community.

The four-day gathering involved a series of robust and deep dialogues, facilitated by Charles Holmes as well as presentations at Ñam Innova, the festival's social innovation chapter. We also had a full brainstorming day with workshop sessions on the HUBs principles as well as a presentation from CP+B, the advertising agency that is collaborating with the SGM to restructure brand positioning, provide communications strategy and redesign visual identities. Additionally, the workshop offered the opportunity to participate in a stakeholder discussion curated by Ñam called “Caldo de Cabeza," and a learning journey to visit Fundación Soymás, an institution that provides psychological and educational support to pregnant teenagers and young mothers and helps them find work opportunities. 

We would like to thank CargillGastromotiva and all supporters for making this event a reality, as well as Charles Holmes and Patrick Honauer for their impressive role facilitating the discussions.

A special appreciation from the Social Gastronomy Movement goes to Rafael Rincón, Kurt Schmidt, Sebastian Gatica and Teresa García for helping us throughout the event organization, as well as Sebastian Diaz, Carola Silva, Claudia Zahlhaas, Ana Rivero, Raquel Telias, Cecilia Garnica from the Ñam team, Valeria Campos and Monica Rodriguez from Ñam Innova, Magdalena Krebs, George Anastassiou and Patricio Mayr from Fundación Mustakis, Alvaro Grossi from Liguria Restaurant, Barbara Echeberrry and Francisca Cholakis from Fundacion SoyMas, Francisca Diban from BOA and chef Oscar Barrera, as well all other volunteers that offered their time, efforts and hard work to ensure the meeting was a success.